DIY Fridays: Food Storage Rotation Shelves


Be sure to check in here regularly for great DIY projects for you & your family. Heck, even share them with your friends via Facebook, Pinterest, your blog, etc.! We will also be featuring downloadable PDFs so you can print'em & file'em.

Today's project is your very own Food Storage Rotation Rack. Click on the image or click HERE to visit today's DIY.

Image of DIY Food Storage Rotation Shelves customized by David SafeWater at LPC Survival, Ltd.

One Response to DIY Fridays: Food Storage Rotation Shelves

  1. The Ready Project November 10, 2012 at 7:21 am #

    It’s a great advantage to have this great project in home.This is really designed for emergency food need of the whole family that is allready to a food storage.We really need it to our own.

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