Do You Drink Enough Water Now?


Did you drink enough water today?

drink enough waterEvery year, we spend hours making sure our emergency supplies are well stocked. We'll store canned goods, rations, tools, and even water (with accompanying water filters, of course).
Many of us think we're pretty well prepared.
However, much like you should eat what you store and store what you eat, you should also drink what you would drink in a survival situation. For many people, this means making a big change: drinking a lot of water.
In our “Extra Large Soda with every meal” society, we drink a LOT of sugary liquids. Soda and sugars affect the same parts of our brain that illegal drugs do. This makes them difficult to quit, especially if you have to go “cold turkey.”
Plus, since we want to have optimal health in case we ever need to survive for more than a few days (and especially if we need to survive for a few weeks, months, or years), drinking water now has many benefits.
Here's the lowdown on drinking your fill.
If You’re a Soda Drinker, Water Takes Some Getting Used To
As we mentioned, the taste of water takes some getting used to if you regularly drink soda. For some, a glass of cool, clear water actually makes their stomachs churn!
If this sounds like you, don't worry – there's plenty you can do to change it. You can start by knowing the benefits of drinking water:
You'll have more energy and feel healthier
You'll lose weight
Your skin will clear up
Your mood will improve
You'll sleep better
You'll save a lot of money
There are even more benefits of drinking water (which you can learn about by clicking here). But how do you start making the change from soda to water?
Tips to Drink More Water
If you want to drink more water, start with these tips:
Make a decision. Be firm in your desire to be healthier, prepare, and set an example for your family by drinking more water.
Begin by drinking flavored water. One of the biggest things you'll miss when you switch from soda is the sweet taste. Flavored water helps to make up for this.
Try drinking bottled water. Better yet, get a refillable water bottle and filter your own water.
Cold water seems to be more enjoyable by most, so keep your water chilled.
Don't quit! Depending on how much soda you drink, it will be VERY difficult for a few days without it. However, it's completely worth making the change.

Health Must Start Before a Disaster

If you want to be truly prepared for any scenario, your body needs to be prepared, too. This means cutting your cravings for soda now and learning to love the healthy, delicious taste of water.

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