Mountain House Shelf Life Now 30+ Years!


LPC-NH-30-year-badgeLPC-mountain-house-logoOFD Foods, Inc. has increased the shelf life claim of its flagship Mountain House food pouches and #10 cans, from 25 to 30+ years. An excerpt from tomorrow's scheduled press release:

Mountain House…has raised the shelf life for all entrees in cans and pouches to 30 years…Consumers will begin seeing this change reflected in the ‘Best Buy’ date on Mountain House packaging by the end of the year, if not sooner. Important to note is that this change retroactively affects all pouches and cans made within the past 30 years.

As part of OFD Foods ongoing quality programs, a multi-disciplinary team of experts tested numerous Mountain House recipes in both pouches and #10 cans. All items were at least 30 years old and had been stored in ambient temperatures in various warehouses over the years. Although differences in flavor and texture were evident – as were personal preferences – the tested recipes scored above average on a food-industry standard “hedonic scale”.

In other words, actual Mountain House meals stored for at least 30 years in real-world conditions meet consumer expectations of “tasting good”. This was corroborated by numerous astonished reviewers of Mountain House Military meals that had been stored for up to 42 years. Mountain House is the only brand in the industry that can legitimately make this claim.

LPC-Mountain-House-Instragram-ssThis news hits as increased purchases of long-term food storage continues, driven largely by economic and political uncertainties surrounding the upcoming presidential elections.

Despite all the speculation and hype being churned out by the media, don't allow your actions to be driven by fear. You are in control. You know exactly what you need and you know where to get it.

The Mountain House brand has allowed our family to continue to support yours. Thank you for that privilege and your trust.

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