10 Main Dish Recipes for Solar Oven Cooking (Free PDF) by Solavore


Modern technology has given us more than Netflix and YouTube, more than cell phones and hybrid vehicles. These modern conveniences sure make life comfortable and entertaining, but they don't address the most fundamental need shared by every human who has ever lived: the need to eat food.

LPC-solavore-solar-oven-kidsHere in the USA, we routinely turn to one of three options for cooking our food: electricity, natural gas, and propane. My wife has family in Central America who still rely exclusively on wood-fueled cooking. Our children think that's insane! And you know what? It is. If you've ever had to rely on gathering wood for cooking and/or heating needs long-term, then you can personally appreciate the work that goes into having enough dry wood, day after day.

Mother Nature's biggest unsung song is solar cooking. Why? Well, I've found that most consumers don't consider it because we've been conditioned to eat 30 minutes to 1 hour after our food prep. Solar cooking is a lot like cooking via dutch oven or slow-cookers; you “set it and forget it” until a few hours later, when you're ready to eat. Given the prevailing “buy now” mentality, delayed gratification is labeled as old-school and unnecessary.

But, let's look at some of the benefits of solar cooking:

  • • Fuel source = FREE
  • • There's no need to carry or fuss with transporting your fuel source.
  • • Food will not burn.
  • • Clean up is super-easy!
  • • Cut down on your electric and/or gas utility bills.
  • • Gives you a skill that can be used anywhere in the world where you have sunlight & a basic solar cooker.

Anne Patterson, Founder & CEO of Solavore Sport Solar OvenBy now, it's apparent that we're fans of solar cooking. To add to our support of solar cooking, we've recently added another solar cooker to our product line, the Solavore Sport Solar Oven. We enjoy the fact that Solavore's Founder & CEO, Anne Patterson “believes passionately in solar cooking as a clean, joyful, liberating alternative to wood fires and grid-based fossil-fuel appliances.”

We've produced a free recipe download for you. Click the button below to download your copy of “10 Main Dish Recipes by the Solavore Sport Solar Oven”. Dozens of additional recipes are available online at HERE.


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