Barefooting…Could You?



I just watched a fascinating video by the tremendously gifted Marjory Wildcraft. In this video, she interviews Herbalist Doug Simons and they discuss the concept of barefooting and the benefits of it. They also discuss the most primitive type of sandal (tres puntos or “three points) found with the Tahumara and other cultures worldwide.

You might recall another famous barefooter from the TV show “Dual Survival,” Cody Lundin. He was the blonde, long-haired, primitive-living and survival skills instructor who also sang the practical praises of walking “descalzo”.

The video is super-educational, despite being 20 minutes long. I know many of you won't watch it all the way to the end but that's OK. Since I'm on the road, reading, and writing for the majority of my day everyday, I simply put on the YT videos in my background and listen to the audio. It really is good stuff. Bookmark it if you can't enjoy it all at once.

Oh, and be an awesome contributer…share the good stuff you find with others.

Find more of Marjory's EXCELLENT contributions through her The Grow Network™.

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