What’s Your Frost Date?


We visited my friend's farm today. My daughters wanted to see the fruit trees that our friend Cliff had dedicated to them earlier this year.

We had tons of fun. They ran around the property, visited the hens and roosters, and climbed up and down the haystacks. We laughed as one of my youngest daughters cringed at all the creepy-crawlies on the property. I even had a wasp aggressively fly into my face…that wasp felt like it was made of solid lead!

We've begun feeling the cooler morning temperatures here in Houston, quite a relief from the warm mornings that turn into hot & humid days.

As the cooler temperatures make their way into the remaining days of 2016, I thought to find a frost calculator that could help us determine approximate fall frost dates. I found the frost calculator here: Frost Dates. You can enter in your zip code to localize the calculator to the location of your choice.

Below are some pics of our little Sunday visit:

@ Cliff's Farm

@ Cliff's Farm

@ Cliff's Farm

@ Cliff's Farm

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