10 Tips to a Healthy Holiday


I came across an article that boasts 10 tips focused on helping you eat healthier during the holidays.

But, who cares about that anyway, right?

I, for one, want to live to a ripe old age of 100 and I want to have full use of my faculties when I get there. That sure isn't going to happen if I “justify” my typical social habits around holiday food and settings.

These 10 tips really are great!

  1. Arrive with some food in your belly.
  2. Keep your pants or skirt on the tighter side.
  3. Cut down on calories in the alcohol you drink.
  4. Serve yourself toward the end of the line.
  5. Avoid second-helpings.
  6. Use the napkin test to avoid foods with high trans or saturated fats.
  7. Eat as much whole foods as possible.
  8. Limit the dips & sauces you eat.
  9. Chew on gum after you've eaten enough food to feel satisfied.
  10. Avoid late-party munchies and leftovers.

Visit to read the details on these tips.


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