How & Where to Store Ammunition



The internet is valuable because of the amount of information available to us. We can virtually learn to do anything we'd like.

Sure, you've got to discern credibility and legitimacy, but once you get that down, it's a treasure trove of countless learning…FREE!

Here's a bullet-point summary of a great piece titled “How & Where to Store Ammo”:

  1. Store ammo in a safe location, out of the reach of children and pets.
  2. Securely store a “combat load” of magazines for each rifle and handgun. For rifles, at least 6 magazines and for a handgun, 3 magazines. Cycle through this ammo to keep it at optimum ready-to-use condition.
  3. Use ammo can-style storage boxes which keep out moisture (use gaskets/seals), ideally waterproof. Also, tupperware is a great option if surplus cans aren't available.
  4. Choose location(s) with the lowest possible humidity. Use a dehumidifier if necessary. Desiccants can also help in sealed containers.
  5. Store ammo separate from firearms. In the event that the ammo explodes, it will not damage whatever is stored along with it.

Read the article in its entirety HERE.

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