Cold Weather Layering Systems, Stay Warm


With winter in full swing, being able to stay warm is more than nice. It's key to comfort, especially if you're working outdoors.

I've talked to a few folks recently and I was a bit surprised at how few of them actually understand the concept of layering their clothing. One friend said, “Yeah, that sounds nice but it's too much work! I just throw on a sweater and a jacket and throw my heaters on high!”

Unfortunately, we all lose quite a bit of moisture through sweating and just being in the cold weather environment. The cold sucks heat and moisture out of you, so maintaining hydration is also very important.

Here are some videos that cover the concept of layering and dressing warmly. What are your tips for cold weather warmth?

Winter Warmth, Winter Layering System

Winter Clothing Layering System for Backpacking

My Backcountry Glove System

Winter Clothes Layering for Crackin' Cold

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