MONEY: Improve Your Cash Flow


Growing up, my parents did their best to provide for me and my sisters. We ate home cooked meals more than we ate out. I had daily and Saturday morning chores – at least I recall that I had chores. I don't remember seeing them doing much, LOL.

Providing a comfortable home and safety for us, they really did a good job at providing. What they didn't do well though, I had to learn the hard way: manage finances. I don't recall ever sitting down and working a budget with them. Now, as father myself to our children, I'm conscious of giving them what I didn't have in that regard: a strong & personal financial educational experience.

For so many years, I had a negative, pessimistic, and scarcity mindset regarding finances. It was really a sore spot because I didn't really understand it and how staying on top of your finances is better than ignoring how slim the account is.

The article we're sharing with you today covers 6 points, all of them essential.

They are:

  1. Get a raise in salary.
  2. Start a side business.
  3. Become aware of & manage your spending.
  4. Do more with less: declutter, reduce, simplify.
  5. Spearhead your debt.
  6. Stay the course of your budget.

I highly recommend reading this short article in its entirety. It's simple and it's easy because it's ALWAYS just about the basics!

Click the image below to go read the article.

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