Guide to Roadtripping with Fido


Some things you don't know until you discover that you don't know them. Makes sense, huh?

Well, today's post is one of those things. As a kid and also as a teenager, I had never given much thought to the impact that time away from my dog would have on her. I knew enough to be sure she was comfortable and safe on Independence Day, but it wasn't until years later that I realized how I could have given her a better life by spending more time with her, letting her know just how much I loved her, and discovering more about her likes and dislikes.

She's been gone for over twenty years now, but the love I feel for her is still there. I raised her from the time I was five or six until my late teens.

OK, now to the post. I apologize for getting a bit nostalgic about my girl Binky.

Today's post provides great pointers and considerations for your canine pal as you travel.

Click on the image below to learn more about the “ultimate guide to roadtripping with your dog”:

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