Cube Stove w/ 3 Month Fuel Supply

$199.99 $159.99

• Boils water in minutes
• 7 unique cooking positions
• Made of durable Aluminized Steel
• Includes 108 Emergency Fuel Disks
• Weighs less than 1 pound
• Made in the USA

Dimensions: 4″ tall x 4″ square, folds to 2.75″ tall (15.7 oz)



Boost your emergency preparedness with a stove and enough emergency fuel to cook for 3 months.

The lightweight Cube Stove folds to less than three inches thick and weighs less than one pound. This is an ideal stove for emergency cooking, backpacking, and camping. The stove works great with QuickStove's Emergency Fuel Disks, or you can use dry wood in the Cube Stove and save the fuel disks for a rainy day.

The fuel supply includes 108 Emergency Fuel Disks. These are great fire starters if you have other fuel available (such as wood), or they can be used to cook two to three meals each. They are made of compressed cedar and refined wax that lights quickly, burns for about 30 minutes, and is easy to relight. They're also waterproof and will still light in wind, rain, or snow.


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