Super Sterasyl™ Replacement Kit


Replacement Kit for Stainless systems utilizing Super Sterasyl™ Ceramic Filtration elements. Kit contains:

• (2) Candle Washers
• (2) Candle Wing Nuts
• (2) Poly Plugs
• (1) Spigot
• (1) Knob for Lid
• (1) Screw for Knob
• (1) ScotchBrite® Pad

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This replacement kit includes everything you need to replace existing parts in your Berkey™ water system, or simply keep a spare kit on-hand.

The candle washers and wingnuts are spare parts specifically for the Super Sterasyl™ ceramic filters.

The poly blocking plugs allow you to plug any extra openings that are not currently configured with filters. These plugs have accompanying washers and consist of a threaded plug and an accompanying threaded nut.

The replacement spigot also comes with its own washers, threaded spigot body, and accompanying threaded nut.

A new knob with accompanying screw and washer allows you to replace the existing handle or store it as an extra.

Maintenance is easy with the included ScotchBrite® Pad, allowing you to lightly scrub the body of the ceramic filters and even the Black Berkey™ Elements. Always be sure to rinse the body of the filter after scrubbing it. Otherwise, you might notice slow flow-rate. This might be due to clogged pores. To clear this, simply rinse with clean cool or room temperature water.


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