Homemade Gluten-Free Playdough


Who hasn’t eaten that colorful, salty, dough for playing? If you have little ones at home, or if you were a kid within the last 60 years, then you’re no doubt familiar with this toy. Originally created for use in cleaning wallpaper in the 1930s, it was re-purposed for use as a modeling clay in […]

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Saving money on a Berkey Water Purification System, or any one of our many products, is easier when you subscribe to our email list. Weekly, we send out Super Specials, deals only available to our subscribers. It’s free & you can unsubscribe at any time. Just click over to our Home Page and scroll down […]

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Delicious Recipe: Honey BBQ Chicken Wraps

Summertime recipes are addicting. I love having company over and eating delicious food, especially in the summer. Well, I love eating great food with family and friends all year round. Hey, don’t judge me. This delicious recipe caught my eye, as does it all, because of the sweet chicken blanketed by those flour tortillas. Click […]

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Gadget Cool: Pop-out Outlet

Who invented this nonsense that only guys love gadgets and gizmos? My wife saw this post and fell unconscious to the floor. I revived her and then came to share this with you. We have six children in our home. This product would save our outlets…and keep the littles safer. Oh, and there’s a video […]

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VIDEO: Are We Eating Fake Food?

I got over the fact that this video is almost 19 minutes long after watching the first part about honey. Then, there’s coffee. Then, orange juice. Then, steak, Kobe beef, olive oil, cheese, dried spices, tea, blueberries, and champagne. Alas, it’s a great video that’s educational and worth a watch.

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Health Tip: Manuka Honey

Manuka honey, have you heard of it? I hadn’t either, until I came across an article published at last December. It’s a quick read and here are some initial salient points: • Manuka honey is premium for health & found only in Australia & New Zealand. • Manuka honey resists superbugs. • In a […]

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RECIPE: Grilled BBQ Chicken Pizza Crust

Before my wife and I moved from California to Texas, we used to have homemade pizza every Friday night. She had purchased a pizza stone for the oven. Her whole wheat crust was A-MAZING and the marinara sauce was absolutely OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD! So, when I saw this recipe, it was instantly added to my list of […]

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VIDEO: Amish Bread

Bread is a favorite thing to make of mine. I don’t own a bread machine, but I do love my 6 quart professional KitchenAid mixer! This video was a must-post because it’s short and easy to follow. I don’t think I’ve ever tasted Amish bread but it looks absolutely delicious.

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Memorial Day 2017

Today is particularly special. Sure, grocery stores and Walmart sell lots of meat, veggies, beach chairs, towels, chips, charcoal, matches, and grills. Beer and soda sales are just as strong too. As we celebrate today, we will think of our liberties with a peculiar gratitude. We will ponder the somber nature of the day we […]

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