Multi-Purpose Items for Your Survival


If you’re more of a minimalist prepper, you’re probably interested in survival items that can do more than one thing. This way you’ll have less gear to carry, meaning you’ll be able to get home or evacuate faster. These items are perfect not just for everyday carry, but for your bug out bag as well, […]

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Recipe: Blackberry Cobbler Recipe

I love cobblers! Here’s a delicious recipe that’s super easy to make. Since it is the first month of the year, I thought it completely appropriate to remind all those dieters EXACTLY what they’re missing! I won’t blow my money on a 1-month gym membership…I’d rather spend it at Costco!

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7 Excuses Preventing You from Taking Action

This article is a guest post from our good friend Dan @ We all have problems preventing us from prepping the way we want to. Whether this means retreating to the wilderness (or at least the suburbs) to live a worry-free and self-sufficient life, or having one year stockpile – there are plenty of […]

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DIY Humane Rat Trap

Mice can be quite a nuisance, not to mention unwelcome guests in our attics, pantries, and storage spaces! Of the humane mice traps I’ve researched and seen, this is probably my favorite. Do you know of a better one? If so, please comment below and share!

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Amazing Kitchen Gadgets

Cool gadgets abound, especially in this age of online commerce. We found this video that boasts 10 AMAZING kitchen doodads. What are the chances that you own any of the inventions featured in the video? Do any of these impress you? FUN FACT: Thomas Edison had 2,332 international patents awarded to him throughout his lifetime. […]

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Moving Video: Tipping the Waiter $300

It’s wonderful to see such moving generosity in everyday places, especially during Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Truth is, such goodwill and compassion can be demonstrated year-round. It needn’t wait until year’s end to be abundantly visible. In this video, we see a young waiter who has been struggling and who happened to have “one of […]

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Video: If A Giant Asteroid Struck Our Ocean

This post is not about doomsday at all. Relieved? Yeah, me too…sort of. In fact, this video makes reference to the 1,717 near-earth-objects that NASA is tracking (at the least ones they can publicly disclose). I couldn’t find an embed code to place the video in this post so just click on the image below […]

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Amazing Gingerbread Frosting Design!

Have you ever seen a gingerbread cookie so intricately and beautifully frosted? Would you eat it? I was mesmerized by this video of a gingerbread cookie being frosted by steady, patient, and creative hands. If anyone has any details on the backstory of this pastry artist, please let me know. We’ve gotta know more about […]

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Cold Weather Layering Systems, Stay Warm

With winter in full swing, being able to stay warm is more than nice. It’s key to comfort, especially if you’re working outdoors. I’ve talked to a few folks recently and I was a bit surprised at how few of them actually understand the concept of layering their clothing. One friend said, “Yeah, that sounds […]

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