Water Purification


Berkey Light Water Filters and Water Purification

In combining the process of micro-porous filtration with the best in modern technology, Berkey's light water filters add magic to the water purification process. Purification systems from Berkey are able to remove bacteria, parasites and even cysts from water supplies while taking out harmful chemicals and other sorts of additives at the same time. Heavy metals like copper, lead and mercury are also extracted from the water thanks to Berkey's state of the art approach to purification.

Experience the Berkey Water Purification Difference

There are a number of water purification systems on the market. You can't go anywhere without running into some sort of gimmick that promises to extract the highest percentage of chemicals or additives to give you a pure glass of water. How do you know which products are worth it and which ones aren't? With Berkey water purification, the difference is in the systematic approach to the process. For more information on the Berkey difference, visit the website online at


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