Water Purification


If you are looking for a reliable, affordable water purification system, our Berkey Light Systems offer cutting edge purification at an excellent value.  Our light systems make it easy to put together the purification package that meets your needs without breaking your budget.  Choose from two- or four-element packages, with added accessories such as Berkey sports bottles or reduction filters.  A two-element system can purify over 4 gallons of water per hour, enabling you to keep up even in times of high demand.

The Berkey Light water purification system is designed to be practical, economical and rugged, and can be used in situations where electricity and water pressure are unavailable.  This water purification system is flexible and easy to use, whether you’re simply enhancing your home’s emergency preparedness or are heading out into hostile filtration conditions.  Find out more about our water purification systems on our site.


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