The Berkey Name

The Berkey name is renowned and associated around the world with water filtration. The company relies on technology that is revolutionary and, as such, it’s set the standard internationally for filtration of water. This is something that the good people at this water filter company take very seriously. They’ve stacked their reputations on the name and the product, so every scrap of development and research gets taken very seriously indeed. From the use of new techniques to the use of top-of-the-line product elements, you can trust water filtration from the experts.

Buying Berkey Products

Products from Berkey are available at a number of places because the brand name is so trusted, but there are a few select dealers that offer more bang for your buck. I particularly like Directive 21, online at These guys offer a wealth of products that can help you and your family survive these grim times. From seed packs to food kits, Directive 21 has you covered.


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