Potassium Iodate


Using Potassium Iodate

In the event of nuclear fallout, potassium iodate becomes essential. This is a superior form of Ki. Designed to block or shield the thyroid and prevent it from absorbing any dangerous radioactive elements, this product has a tremendous shelf life. It will last for decades because there’s an extra molecule of oxygen in iodate. Government bodies and medical experts recommend that every family should pack at least one bottle of iodate in their survival kit, so this becomes a vital element in surviving the harmful and deadly effects of nuclear fallout.

Buying Potassium Iodate

Of course, purchasing potassium iodate can be a bit of a struggle. Some health food and vitamin stores do sell it, but many do not. I’ve found a great place online at Directive 21 for buying iodate and many other survival goods, including emergency seed packs, food kits and so on. You can never be too prepared, especially in this day and age of nuclear posturing on the world stage. Protect your family first and check out Directive 21 online at



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