Big Berkey


What is the Big Berkey System?

There are a host of water filtration systems on the market, many of which aren't worth the paper-thin material they're made of. The Big Berkey System, though, is a difference-maker. Why? Power is a good place to start. This bad boy is ideal for use at home with small or medium-sized families because it purifies both treated and untreated water. It even filters streams, stagnant ponds and other water sources that you may not have thought of.

Inside the Big Berkey System

The Big Berkey System gets rid of pathogenic bacteria, parasites and cysts. It kicks out harmful chemicals, like organic solvents and herbicides. It reduces the presence of nitrates, lead, mercury, copper, and a mass of other harmful minerals. The big system has two purification elements and a storage capacity of about 2.25 gallons. It can purify up to three and a half gallons per hour and can be expanded to utilize a total of four purification elements. For more information, check out the website online at


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