Water Purification


Basics of Water Purification

We all know that water purification is the process by which unwanted chemicals, additives and other elements are removed from water. Most purification is done to make water safe for drinking or human consumption, but there are other reasons to purify water. Standards for purified water are generally set by some form of government body, but it’s not possible to tell if water is up to those standards just by looking at it. Some chemicals and additives are invisible to the naked eye.

Using Effective Water Purification Products

This is where Directive 21 and the Berkey filtration system come in. While other purification systems offer audacious claims, Berkey delivers results. As an official dealer of the Berkey water purification product line for six years, Directive 21 knows what’s important. For more information on Berkey products and the Directive 21 vision, check out their handy website online at


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