Food Considerations in Times of Crises: Immediate Nutrition-No Preps (1a/5)


I spoke with a good friend of mine a few months ago and asked him what his ideal 72-Hour kit would contain. He's a very idealistic guy who leaves no question as to what he's thinking. His immediate response was: “It would be all water!” His response was right but impractical.

Aside from the 3-Component Categories of any 72-Hour kit which I advocate (Water, Nutrition, Tools), my friend's suggestion emphasizes life sustainability. Who can argue with that?

The most effective modes of preparedness meet two characteristics in their utility toward sustaining life:

  1. Easy Access
  2. Easy Use
Since today's post is about Immediate Nutrition, what is it? Immediate Nutrition is my substitution of the generic “Emergency Food” term. The emphasis here is on what the body needs in terms of fuel, in and out of emergent events. Food tells us nothing of value. It's a vague word. In relation to preparedness and purposed-living, Nutrition describes the utility and objective of the comestibles which constitute our kit-components. My use of the term Immediate refers to the mindset behind the design of your kit, whatever its size.

The very nature of an individual's 72-Hour kit, or a family's Year-Supply is to mitigate threats to routine comforts and necessities, absolute necessities. These solutions offer “real life-insurance” in a time of need. Their possession has absolutely nothing to do with politics, religion, creeds, or agendas. Their existence brings a peace of mind and a power-of-purpose to living. And, since we are primarily concerned with the continuity of living, anything that we might do to off-set or ease the impact of an urgent event, will allow us to direct our energies beyond scrambling for the basics.

Immediate Nutrition then, is the desire behind the design of your Short-Term emergency kit. I advise that your Immediate Nutrition component of your kit should not require any preparation besides opening and eating. It's obvious that pre-packaged food may not be your preference for eating such things as romaine lettuce, peaches, a fresh-steak, etc., but we're talking about minimal preparation meals so that the threat can be addressed. The idea is comparable to formula-one car racing, during a time of crisis, our eating should be like a re-fueling “pit-stop.”

Immediate Nutrition component characteristics:
  • Easily & Safely stored
  • Easily Accessible
  • Open & Eat
  • Retains shelf-life of 3-6 months
  • Light-weight & Compact
  • Weather-Resistant Packaging
  • Nutrient-Dense
  • Tastes Good & Your Body Processes it well
I will review each one of these component characteristics in tomorrows post, (1b/5).

-The Berkey Guy
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