Drinking Wastewater…Is it a big deal?


Are you willing to drink water that was treated three times and mixed with lake water?…oh, and I forgot to mention that it was once sewage wastewater.

THIS ARTICLE shares Midland's challenge with the water shortage they are experiencing in Texas. Apparently, they will be “running out” of water within the next six months and a $13 million-dollar treatment facility will not be complete until late 2012. So what's the big deal?

Well, many people are completely unfamiliar with the simplicity of natural water cycles. The ready availability of water is taken for granted here in the United States, and unless you have experienced an interruption of regular access to water, you probably still will not appreciate the ease of access modern processes provide.

Water that is “treated” can come from many different sources, typically, the following sources are used:

  • Groundwater
  • Lakes
  • Rain
  • Rivers
  • Springs

Given that water is treated with filters and chemicals, it is important to learn the potential effects of such treatment upon those who will consume it. Systems such as the Berkey Water Purification systems are ideal for filtering and purifying raw water sources, as well as removing and reducing industrial chemical contaminants found in the water.

As sophisticated and “modern” as technology presently is, nature's processes for replenishing water is unsurpassed.


-The Berkey Guy


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