Argument & Rescue


photo credit: Aric Essig

The news of Pamela Salant's successful rescue is a happy ending to a scenario that could have ended up in tragedy. She was camping with her boyfriend near Bear Lake in Oregon. Apparently, the couple had an argument and Pamela stormed off mad. She was wearing shorts and a tank-top and did not have any tools or preps with her.

A National Guard helicopter was not too far away when they were contacted to assist in Pamela's rescue. She had been in the wilderness for three days. She suffered a broken leg, fractured vertebrae, and a laceration, among other scrapes. She reportedly ate berries and was able to brave the cool evening temperatures in her basic clothing. We're happy she's alive & now recovering at a medical facility.

Her experience underscores a few important fundamentals:

  1. Never wander off alone, especially on camp-outs.
  2. Always dress in layers, especially if you are going to break rule #1.
  3. Always keep water & a suitable water container on you.
  4. Keep a multi-tool on you…Paracord isn't a bad idea either
  5. “Miracles” are more likely if you think before you act…don't ever let your impulses compromise your safety.

Job well done to all of the SAR and Volunteers who assisted in Pamela's recovery! We appreciate all you do to help those who need you.


-The Berkey Guy

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