Food Considerations in Times of Crises: Buggin’ Out (5/5)


Know your terrain & navigate the turf. Educate yourself on what to expect & prepare for your performance there.

With all the talk of current events & the buzz of uncertainty, having plans to Shelter-In-Place or Buggin' Out is important. It may not always prove wise to Bug-Out, especially if you find yourself in a major metropolis with millions of others hoping to make their way from the concrete jungle! If you're gonna shelter-in-place, consider the following:

  • Have enough food & water with you inside of your shelter to sustain you against the most likely threats
  • Be sure to have a plan for accessing a greater supply of food for replenishment
  • Ensure that the food can be prepared without having to rely on fire within the shelter
  • Be sure to have foods available which will promote an overall balanced-diet

If you're gonna Bug-Out, consider these points:

  • Be sure to have your Water, Nutrition, & Tools on you/accessible en route to your BOL
  • Have enough snacks available to you to ensure enough energy, while remaining comfortably mobile
  • Make sure you have water/access to clean drinking water
  • Identify alternative sources of food sources before you go if possible

Navigating terrain that is somewhat familiar is definitely easier-and potentially safer- than ground you have never visited. Being familiar with such potential routes of egress provides:

  • decreased security risks
  • decreased travel time
  • increased access to crucial resources (via caches)
  • increased likelihood of safe escape, avoiding obstacles & threats
  • increased opportunity of successful re-grouping (family & partners)

The nature of bugging-out can take its toll as the adrenaline runs out. This is why it is very important to carry snacks. Although it will be ideal to access strategic caches, this cannot always be the case. Physical exertion coupled with added stress factors will provide energy that is not sustainable long-term.

The body's “fight/flight” response will only carry individuals so far without the crash that follows exhaustion & fatigue. To help avoid such drop-offs of energy, performance, and function, small amounts of nutritious snacks delivered several times throughout a day will be of greater good than consuming 2-3 regular meals. Avoid energy drinks and “false-fuel” sources, which will inevitably cause crashes. The yo-yo effect that such “energy-boosters” exert on the body does more harm than good. It promotes polarized activity which have negative observable effects over days and weeks. They primarily interrupt the body's natural algorithms which in turn will affect mood, temperament, and rational-judgement & performance.


-The Berkey Guy

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