National Preparedness Month: Wise Food Storage


Last week, I had the wonderful experience of touring the manufacturing facilities of one of our trusted partners, Wise Food Storage. It was a great experience! I'll give a little background as to why we chose Wise Food Storage in the first place.

For quite some time, I had been looking for a viable product that would stand the test of time, especially since we specialize in the Berkey Water Purification Systems. It only made sense that we would offer viable food storage options in addition to our Emergency Seedbanks and other preparedness products. After extensive research among dehydrated and freeze-dried food companies and after speaking with them, we decided that Wise Food Storage was a good fit for our customers in the United States…fast forward to today.

September is National Preparedness month. The reality is that we should always be prepared! Well, I wasn't prepared for how thorough the folks at Wise Food Storage are in the manufacturing and distribution of their products, WOW! When I arrived at their Utah manufacturing facility, the weather outside was hot. Once inside the building, the temperature was a nice contrast to the heat. I was escorted throughout the facility and donned the customary booties, gown, and cap. I maintained a comfortable distance with the protective observation barriers in front of me.

I observed that their complete operation exceeds regulatory compliance standards in packaging and production. One example is the content within the individual packages. Wise Food Storage has an exhaustive amount of quality assurance standards and practices which ensure not only that each individual package exceeds weight requirements, but that nothing but the best quality food storage meals results in every packet and container. The demand for Wise Food Storage is mind-boggling!

My visit to the facility lasted one half-hour, and it was well worth it. Getting the opportunity to have a first-hand tour of the products we distribute was a great experience. The fact that I personally use Wise Food Storage made it even more meaningful.

Wise Food Storage Benefits & Advantanges:

  • Shelf Life: Guaranteed up to 25 years!
  • Smart Packaging: Nitrogen-Flushed Pouch, Mylar Family-size 4-serving Foil Pouch, Square Plastic Container and Grab—and—Go Handle, Stackable Design,Re-sealable Pull Tab Lid
  • Dehydrated & Freeze-Dried: Through extensive evaluation, research and testing, we have combined both freeze-dried and dehydrated products together to ensure optimal taste, texture and nutritional value.  Expensive ingredients such as peas and other vegetables are generally freeze-dried.  Other ingredients like noodles and rice actually taste better when dehydrated.
  • Easy to Prepare: ready-made emergency meals, simply add hot water, wait 12-15 minutes, and you’re ready to eat.
  • Affordable: ready-made meals run approximately $1.60 a serving, making them truly affordable.

If you're considering Wise Food Storage, take advantage of our free phone consultations. Please call to schedule an appointment or to receive your consultation @ 877-886-3653.


-The Berkey Guy






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  1. John September 1, 2011 at 7:26 am #

    It’s good to know Wise Food Storage is so thorough when it comes to making sure they’re producing quality storage food. In survival situations, you don’t want to have any questions about what you’re eating.


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