Floods, Mudslides, & Storms: During the Flood (Part 3/3)


I've personally experienced the devastation that a mudslide can cause. I've seen moderate flooding and the damage that can destroy hard years of work in building a home to fit one's dreams. Thankfully in both cases, there was no loss of life. The clean-up can be physically draining and will take a while to accomplish, even with significant help & tools.

Some important points to consider after a storm event include the following:

  • It is recommended that you return to flood-damaged property after health officials & law enforcement declare the area safe.
  • Damage to hillsides and houses should be assessed. You should check for slope movement, settling, and water damage.
  • When driving on roads & streets after a storm, be sure to proceed cautiously. Debris, holes, and mud will likely be present and pose a risk to the safety of drivers. Also, watch out for washed-out areas.
  • Mudslides also continue as the soil dries after an extended wet period. Therefore, mudslides pose a risk even several days after raining ceases.
  • It is suggested that slopes be planted before the rainy season begins. Winter is the time to make plans and fix potential problem areas.

Do your best to prepare against floods, mudslides, and storms while time is on your side. Hopefully, you will be able to avoid ever having to evacuate.


-The Berkey Guy


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