World Population Growth Outpacing Water Availability…per Reuters


Another fantastic article (insert satire here) comes to us from Reuters this morning. It speaks to the world’s demand on water, especially with regard to the modern trend of population growth.

I think we are all keenly aware that water is the fundamental element of life. What consistently disappoints me is the lack of transparency in citing statistics and sources beyond the “expert’s name.” I don’t really care how so-and-so is a proclaimed authority within his or her industry; please cite the specific research. Data does not explain itself. The interpretation of data can vary, especially among peer review!

Ultimately, this article left me forming questions that might prove simplistic and naïve. Questions such as:

  • Why not more aggressively deploy the use of desalination plants?
  • Who assigns the authority or resource management guidance for what Jenkinson references as “[the body] that takes into account who needs what kind of water, as well as where and how to use it most efficiently?”
  • Which companies are acting on the prime opportunity to profit from controlling natural water resources?
  •  Do zombies drink water?

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-The Berkey Guy

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