New Product: EverSafe Emergency Auto Kit


We recently added a new product to our site. The EverSafe Emergency Auto Kit makes a wonderful solution for your vehicle's Emergency Preparedness. Weighing in at over 21 pounds, this kit is designed with the seasons in mind. With over 25 different products, it comes with items ranging from emergency calorie bars to a fire extinguisher and safety reflective vest, even an LED flashlight multi-tool!

Currently, kits for automobiles in the marketplace are  limited in what they offer and not geared for all types of weather. In designing this kit, we made it a priority to include tools & items that are commonly needed in a vehicle emergency such as getting stranded during a snowstorm, the car battery dying,  or waiting for road-side assistance or the tow-truck to show up. Come rain, shine, snow, or mud you will be better prepared with the EverSafe Emergency Auto Kit.


-The Berkey Guy


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