Volcano Collapsible Propane Grill


The Volcano Collapsible Propane Grill is quite possibly the coolest outdoor propane grill on the market! Seriously. Here are a few of the reasons (beyond the manufacturer's selling points) why we decided to add it to The Berkey Guy's selection of items available on

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  • The bulk and clamor of traditional grills does not lend to the mobility, compactness, and versatility of the perfect bug-out grill!
  • We really like the ability to use fuel sources such as charcoal, propane, or wood, and the ability to adjust the amount of air-flow with that cooking.
  • The quality of the Volcano's manufacturing really is solid. It is not a “cheaply made” POC. It really is crafted to withstand practical use in the rough or in the backyard.
  • For it's size, the Volcano does a good job of funneling the heat to the grill, which means a better cooked output, as well as decreased waste on fuel efficiency.
  • This grill really is a simple tool to clean. It's very easy to wipe down & access all of the cleaning areas. Something that is of primary concern in maintaining one's tools in primo condition!
  • In terms of using this grill for off-grid first-aid purposes, it is very easy to partially place a medical-grade stainless steel tool on a cleaned grill or metal grilling plate in order to ensure make-shift sterilization (killing of common pathogenic microbes prior to use). Consult with your local licensed bug-out physician like Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy from before doing so.

All-in-all, we're very happy with the manufacturing and practicality of the Volcano Grill. Be sure to visit our store & add one to your Self-Reliance supplies.


-The Berkey Guy

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