Greater Self-Reliance for the New Year 2012


So many people have their hearts set on resolutions like weight-loss, getting out of debt, saving money…even greater Self-Reliance! New year resolutions or not, greater self-reliance makes sense. Here are 4 reasons why self-reliance is king:

  1. Self-Reliance is the ultimate pursuit of freedom. John Locke had it right with the idea that man has the right to pursue life, liberty, and property. Such pursuits embody the noblest aims of human consciousness. Without the guarantee of man's right to pursue any one of these principles, man becomes a slave.
  2. Self-Reliance promotes creative practicality. It has been said that necessity is the mother of invention. Anyone who pursues a self-reliant lifestyle can attest to the need for creativity when going to the store, calling a doctor, or looking up the answer online, is not going to solve the immediate need to solve the issue at-hand.
  3.  Self-Reliance maximizes inputs-to-outputs. I have never met a self-reliant individual who wastes his or her resources. Waste is a symptom of an indulgent lifestyle and an indicator of ingratitude. Maximizing the output of crops, daylight hours, and the dollar are some strengths that can drastically improve one's quality of life. As more individuals become self-reliant, we'll see less waste in the environment…especially GOVERNMENT!
  4. Self-Reliance cures society's ills. As individuals are more productive, practical, and free, man's ability to steal from another dramatically reduces. It is my view that society's plague is laziness; the lack of personal accountability coupled with a deficiency in initiative. Self-reliance counters laziness with productivity; thrives on stewardship and the entrepreneurial spirit.

For these four reasons, we are committed to helping people on their paths toward greater autonomy and liberty. We wish you a wonderful and productive New Year!



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