News Stack: Pennsylvanians Plea Water from EPA, Decor Wall Fountain spreads Legionnaires, & Water Condenser


Fracking Water

Residents of Dimock Township in Pennsylvania were scheduled to rally outside of the Academy of Natural Sciences this morning. Lisa Jackson of the EPA was scheduled to attend the meeting regarding Cabot Oil & Gas Corp.’s drilling activities and the potential resulting contamination of drinking water resources.

I have not read any updates as to the results of the meeting, but it was hopeful that the EPA might respond in favor of residents who have stopped receiving bottle drinking water in December of 2011. With the EPA’s support, residents would be able to receive safe drinking water rather than the water laden residual glycols, metals, solvents, and surfactants. According to, twenty-six doctors and health professionals submitted a letter to the EPA addressing concerns of the tainted water.

We support those health professionals in their statement:

“We believe that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency should step in to protect local residents if a driller jeopardizes drinking water supplies and the state government does not act.”

Decorative Wall Fountain Spreads Legionnaire's Disease (Audio File)

Decorative Water Wall in St. Joseph's Hospital

photo credit: Michelle Gabel/The Post-Standard

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Audio Credit: NPR

Njord Portable Water Condenser

The idea of portable water condensers is not a new one…although the availability of portable ones seems limited. This product is apparently able to produce ~2 liters an hour (slightly over 2 US gallons). It is designed for use in warmer climates, where humidity is notably higher. I don't know where you might be able to buy one, but the concept sounds great…especially if the electronic components can handle storage in a Faraday cage! I read about this product HERE.


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