Mountain House Educates Consumers on the Presence of High Oxygen Content in Competitor’s Products


As so many consumers are concerned about doomsday befalling the world in December 2012, a seemingly equal amount of companies which supply “preparedness products” are intent on exploiting those fears, rational or not. To those kinds of companies, profits from fear-marketing are justified. We encourage individuals and families to become more self-reliant and prepared for the unexpected while “time is on their side”. Health, unexpected tragedy, or misfortune can quickly reduce the time that might have been used to more adequately prepare. We will never use fear as a motivator to increase our sales or sell product: (1) it is simply disingenuous, and (2) decisions made in haste can jeopardize the integrity and well-being of individuals, families, and groups.

With all that being said, a recent press release has come to our attention which demonstrates the competitive nature of business and the leading competitors' motives to market to audiences and prospective customers. Wise Food Company is a brand of dehydrated and freeze-dried food that we have carried for almost two years now. We also carry the Survive2Thrive Organic Food Storage's 40 Days/40 Nights solution. Both are great products that we personally endorse, believe in, and utilize.

Mountain House brand food storage carries a quality product, although we are not currently a distributor of their products (we would be happy to carry them if the opportunity presented itself). Mountain House's interests are clearly to maintain their recognition within the options of dehydrated & freeze-dried food storage suppliers (and in this case manufacturers) available to consumers, Wise Food Company especially. Click on the links below to read each Press Release issued by each company.

We continue to fully endorse and offer Wise Food Storage Long-Term and Short-Term products and call on consumers to keep in mind the vested interests that companies such as ours have in selling the products we carry and personally use. When determining your family's needs and preferences, consider giving us a call. We'll answer your questions candidly and with your interests in mind.

Read Mountain House's Press Release by clicking HERE.

Read Wise Company's Press Release by clicking HERE.


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