Video: Sharpening a Knife Without Tools


A knife is an integral tool for any prepper and every toolbox. In the event that you find yourself on an extended outdoor stay (as our former Navy SEAL friend Madison Parker would say) and don't have your knife sharpening stone with you, the tips that David from BushCraftOnFire offers in this video will help you improvise enough to use your blade and keep it from being completely dull.

Here are the points in this video that he suggests for improving your blade edge. Keep in mind that these will improve the blade of a dull edge, but does not replace the convenience & capability of a dedicated sharpening  device. 

Oh, one more thing, remember to ALWAYS use SAFE technique!

Two crucial constants for blade sharpening of ANY kind:

  • Pressure (keep it light)
  • Angle (use a consistent angle)

David mentions the following improvisational methods in this chronological order (Fast Forward to the timestamps referenced by the “Minute: Seconds” format):

  1. Top edge of a car window – 1:06
  2. Improvise a wet stone from a rock with a smooth surface & some water (avoid limestone) – 2:08
  3. Spine of another knife – 3:37
  4. Cardboard – 4:36
  5. Nylon Webbing – 5:49
  6. Leather Belt (use some fine dirt & water as an improvised compound) – 6:26

Check out this video:

Learn more about knives by clicking HERE.



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