DIY: Convert Your Lawn Mower Into a Generator


Lies start wars. Heck, even facts start wars! But I mentioned lies because I want you to think about this one:

I could easily live a few days without electricity.

I can't. My primary source of income will be removed when the grid goes down. I have back-ups and my back-ups have back-ups. Three of my back-up revenue generation gigs are: EMT, breadmaker, and expert driver. Ok, the expert driver is more of a “self-taught” talent but the point is that we self-reliant folks must become versatile. Versatility definitely includes today's DIY post: Lawn Mower —–>Generator!

This is a cool project for many reasons & it will save you & I tons of money. I also hope to acquire one of the fancy solar generators to increase my redundancy in tools.

Click on the image below or click HERE to visit today's DIY.

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