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Todd Sepulveda (creator or Prepper Website) invited both Jeff & I to provide articles for The Preparedness Review, and we happily accepted. Jeff's article is titled Don't Waste Your Time…There's Prepping to Do, and David's article is titled Are You Knot Ready? Here are excerpts from both:

I’m convinced that time management skills are what separate the “successful” from the “unsuccessful”, especially when it comes to prepping. The recurring character-trait that I see with preparedness-conscious people is their willingness to get things done, even if it is only in small increments. Huge successes are usually the results of many, many small successes. The ability to stay on task, especially if there are several projects competing for your time, is what will help you to further your skills & become more prepared today, than you were yesterday. So, make the most of your time.
I’ve been able to observe a few people who say they are preparedness conscious, but they really are nothing more than collectors of supplies & tools. – Jeff “The Berkey Guy”, TPR, pg. 61

David wrote:

Now, I don’t care if you call yourself a “prepper” or not, everybody who believes in becoming as Self-Reliant as possible should learn & become proficient in the basic uses of rope. To put it simply, rope is a tool that becomes an extension of one’s arm (length) & a substitute for a person holding something in place, or moving something around (grip). Rope’s most basic uses are to:

  • Pull something (hauling or moving)
  • Hang Something (affix or suspend)
  • Hold Something (secure or fasten)

– David, TPR, pg. 30

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