Building a Fire Bed – It’s Not as Scary as it Sounds


Building a Fire Bed

Building a Fire BedWhat were to happen if you were stuck out in the wilderness and it was getting dark and you didn't have enough materials with you to stay warm? Your chances of surviving through the night would improve drastically if you know how to build a fire or in this case a fire bed. But before you imagine something from a scene from The Lord of the Rings, it really isn't you lying down in a bed with flames licking all around you. At Field and Stream instructions are provided on how to build your own fire bed.

First, dig a trench in the soil about 12 inches wide and eight inches deep. Go look for some fist-sized stones to fill the trench. Make sure the rocks are very dry, because if they are wet, (as from a stream bed) they might explode from the heat of the fire. Nobody wants that, trust me.

Next, start a fire on top of the stones and let it burn down to the embers. Spread the embers evenly throughout the stones and cover it with at least 4 inches of soil. If the soil feels warm in less than an hour, add more soil.

Check for any loose embers. Now you can make your mattress. You can make it by placing logs and then covering it with plant matter if you don't have a canvas or other sort of cushioning material.

Now you can ease on to the bed and be able to stay warm as you sleep. In a survival situation, it is important that you rest when you can and if you are warm, the chances of getting a good night's rest will be greater.

For a more detailed infographic on how to make a fire bed, go to Surviving the Sheep.

Here's the article from Field and Stream:

What ways have your tried to keep warm when trying to sleep out in the wild? Share your ideas with us!

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