Some Of The Best Survival Buys in March


Survival BuysAs any good deal hunter knows, certain items are better to purchase a different times of the year. An example that’s relevant to us as LPC Survival? Emergency supplies.

By carefully buying your survival items throughout the year, you and your family can be well-stocked in the event of an emergency scenario. Plus, you’ll save money throughout the year and find it’s a lot easier to get prepared than making a gigantic purchase all at once.
Here are the best survival buys for the month of March.


Depending on where you live, a boat might be a great addition to your survival gear (Minnesota: we’re looking at you). Plus, boating is fun when you’re not in an emergency. Boat dealers are trying to clear out the very last of their previous year’s stock so they can make way for this years models. If you been thinking about buying a boat, this is the time.

Gas Grills

There’s a bit of controversy about this, but some sites recommend shopping for gas grills in March.
While there are sometimes even better deals on gas grills around Memorial Day, March is a good time to begin looking.

Winter Coats and Clothing

Since winter is coming to a close, right now is a perfect time to buy winter coats and clothing for next year. Stores are eager to get rid of their winter supplies to make room for warm weather clothing. Take advantage of this and get ready for next year’s cold-weather (and potential winter emergency scenarios) now. Plus, since it’s only March, you might have time to still enjoy the snow before the season completely ends!


Based on past years, the time to take advantage of luggage and travel gear sales is March. Yes, even luggage has a time for new models to hit the market. If you want to invest in some waterproof luggage to easily store your emergency kit and some supplies (like clothing), it’s a great time to do it.

Seeds and Plants

In preparation for the new planting season, seeds and plants are often on sale. (Heirloom seed banks)  We've covered how to get a garden going in your own home before, so if you been waiting for the perfect time to start planting, that time is now! Hit up your local nursery for some deals (sometimes savings of up to 50%).

What else do you like to buy in the month of March? Are there any emergency supplies you’ve found to be cheaper to purchase now? Let us know in the comments!

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