New Drone Video: DJi Mavic Pro

DJi's new Mavic 4k Drone

DJi's new Mavic 4k Drone

What does new tech (especially in the form of compact-drone video technology) have to do with survival, prepping, homesteading, and self-reliance?

Well, good question.

While you're pondering that, this video of the coolest drone I've seen to date is now at over 2.2 million views since being uploaded yesterday! That's insane!

In terms of what incredible applications this little flying INTEL device can help you with, consider the following:

  • • Surveying your land or property for changes to landscape and/or features
  • • Finding out which neighbor is letting his dog drop “care packages” in your award-winning HOA Yard of the Month
  • • Helping to capture super-duper-high-definition aerial shots of multi-phase land developments or improvements
  • • Helping with post-action analyses of emergency citizen response-training (CERT, EMT, First-Responder, etc.)
  • • Assisting with Civilian Search-And-Rescue operations in especially rugged-terrain or adverse conditions (floods, mountainous terrain, remote locations)
  • • Capturing bird's-eye pictures of yearly family reunion
  • • Archiving your child's participation in sports or recreational activities

As a reference point, if you're planning on getting a drone like I am, you'll want to check out the FAA's new regulations and see if you need to get their “blessing” before operating your own unmanned aircraft. Read it HERE, it's known as Part 107.

Prior to seeing this video yesterday, I had planned on purchasing the GoPro Karma…after seeing its video too.

In any event, check out the video below…pretty dang cool!

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