That’s What It’s All A-Sprout


sunflower-1213754_1280Fodder…ever heard of it? Yeah, no. Not “fodder” as in cannon fodder, you know, the expendable lives in battles and wars.

I'm talking about the fodder that grows when you sprout seeds and feed that to your livestock. Don't have livestock? OK. Ever eaten a pita “sandwich” with Alfalfa?…never?

I hadn't heard of fodder until yesterday. I was having a conversation with a friend who has 10 acres of land with a wonderfully producing well, a stocked couple of ponds, beehives, hens, rabbits, and much more. It's also situated next door to a private airport.

My friend Clifford taught me about the benefits of feeding fodder to his animals over the standard feed. Heck, it reminded me about the sprouting and wheatgrass stint I went through when I was living in southern California.

OK, getting back to what fodder is and why it's beneficial. It's basically a no-brainer.

For starters, the nutrient density of having your hens or rabbits eat sprouts is HUGE.

  • • Fodder is easier to digest than feed/grains alone.
  • • Fodder's high nutritional value equates to healther livestock.
  • • Fodder produces hens with higher quality eggs.
  • • Fodder produces higher quality poultry for slaughter.
  • • Fodder produces higher quality beef cattle.
  • • Fodder produces higher quality hogs for slaughter.
  • • Fodder produces cows with higher quality milk.

So, what now?

For starters, here are some videos we highly recommend you check out on our favorite Tube of You:

Oh, and even though this might take you in a slightly different direction, have you ever checked out Garden Pool™? If not, take a moment and check out the video below. Dennis and tons of other great folks helped The Berkey Guy get his very own Garden Pool a few months back.

Garden Pool Las Vegas from Garden Pool on Vimeo.

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