1 Natural Ingredient to Clean & Freshen Your Garbage Disposal


Here's a fast-and-easy way to freshen and clean your kitchen garbage disposal with only one natural ingredient and without having to use harsh chemicals.

  • • At least 2 quarters of a Fresh Lemon peel



  1. Place a couple of quarters of your lemon peel into the disposal. Turn on the faucet & start running water into the disposal.

lemon quarters into garbage disposal

2. Switch on the disposal and allow to run until the peels are gone.

water running in kitchen sink

watching peels in the disposal

Grapefruit, Lime, or Orange peels can also be substituted for the lemon. Citrus peels are great because the peels help to knock-off gunk stuck to the actual disposal. The peels also help to deodorize with their citrus oils.


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