DIY Compost Barrels


Compost barrels are an excellent way to produce your own compost for your garden and yard.

After reviewing dozens of designs, instructions, and videos, this video from Homesteadonomics is my favorite. It's super easy to build, minimal parts list, no intensive labor, and a leaves you with a good looking composting tumbler.

For this project design, you'll need:

  • • Barrel (washed and ready to cut)
  • • Lumber (2x6s)
  • • Pipe (horizontal support)
  • • Nails (for retention pins of pipe)
  • • Wood screws & Screwdriver
  • • Drill & drill bit (hole saw for airflow pvc, metal bit for retention pin holes in pipe)
  • • Saw for cutting lumber to size
  • • PVC Pipe & Fittings (Airflow)
  • • Linseed oil (finish coat for the wood)


55-Gallon Sized Vertical Composting Tumbler

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