Do “Green Vaccines” Exist?


OK, I know. This topic is a highly debated issue.

This article was forwarded to me from a close friend. I read through it and developed several of my own questions in addition to these:

  • Is this a real thing? (Homeoprophylaxis)
  • If so, how come I had never heard of it before?
  • What do traditional (allopathic) physicians think of this?
  • What do chiropractors and other “alternative” healthcare professionals think of it?
  • How does a disease's “frequency” come into play?
  • How does one discover “frequencies” of living things?

Here's an excerpt from the article on

These are two of the main principles behind a 200 year old method of disease prevention that is quickly gaining popularity among those who choose not to partake of the recommended conventional vaccine schedule. The method is called homeoprophylaxis, or HP for short.

HP is delivered on tiny sugar pellets, one disease at a time, devoid of adjuvents, preservatives, antibiotics, animal viruses, GMOs or excipients of any kind. It contains only the frequency of the disease. This is how illness occurs in nature. The innate developing immune system recognizes one disease, begins an immune response by producing a fever, then a discharge or eruption, and then resolution by developing lifelong immunity to a specific virus. HP produces a similar response yet in a much milder way. We might observe a very brief runny nose or perhaps a longer nap. However, there is no immune system confusion, no viral competition, no crossed signals, and no system overload like with conventional vaccines!

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