Potatoes in Trash Cans?


yellow-potatoesIf you've got the itch for starch, here are a couple of potato videos, potatoes in trash cans and sweet potatoes in containers.

Potatoes don't really get as much notoriety unless they're fried or stuffed. Spuds are a:

  • • Great source for vitamin B6, C, potassium
  • • Food free of cholesterol, fat, and sodium
  • • Low-calorie food (medium-sized spud ~110 calories)
  • • Great source for phytonutrients (caffeic acid, carotenoids, flavonoids)
  • • Member of the nightshade family
  • • High fiber content source (skin)
  • • Source of magnesium, phosphorous, and zinc

Enough of the petulant praising of potatoes, pals, here is a video of potatoes…and one of sweet potatoes!

Oh, here is the skinny on the sweet potatoes:

  • • Rich in beta-carotene
  • • Nutritious and high in fiber
  • • High in vitamins A, B5, B6, thiamin, niacin, and riboflavin
  • • Improve artery, blood, bone, muscle, and nerve function
  • • Are DELICIOUS, (objectively speaking of course)

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