Become a Stain Removal Guru!


I have a particular friend that I met years ago. I'm taller than him. I'm 6'3″. He's 5′, if he's lucky. His name is Fermín.

What he lacks in height, he makes up in character and HILARITY.

To this day, especially in an intimate small group setting, he talks about the time he worked as a French pastry chef in Belgium, or as a railroad engineer in India, or a jewelry buyer in Tokyo. He's got stories and a plethora of 'em. It's really hard to separate truth from fiction in his tales, especially because of how talented he is and the depth of detail in his anecdotal accounts.

BUT, I'm confident that he's never worked as a Stain Removal Guru. You see, that's where you come into the picture.

I've discovered a resource that will give you and me an edge on Fermín.

I don't recommend sharing this resource publicly because access to this kind of information gives you the kind of power that spawns continental conflict and kidnappings for ransom.

Plus, it'll make you better than everyone on earth, except for me and the other Keepers of The Secret.

This is one of those “hide in plain sight” kinda things. So, please beware.

Share responsibly. Stay at the top of the food chain.



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