Camping DIYs [VIDEO]


With all this amazing weather coming (depends on where you are, of course), few things provide the challenge, relaxation, and satisfaction that comes with camping and spending time in the great outdoors.

If your definition of camping is similar to my wife's, then you'll likely enjoy the video below.

Many folks share different mindsets with respect to camping. Some don't mind the “hacks” and find them entertaining and educational. Some folks are gear monkeys while others stick to the bare essentials. Heck, I don't use a flashlight unless I absolutely have to use it. I take one with me, but I don't use it unless necessary. I usually find myself lending it out to whoever's with me.

Some creative crafting in the video below.

Shortcut Links to Video (First 5 DIYs)

Comfy Bucket Commode:

Bottle Lanyard:

5 Gallon Bucket tote:

Insulated Bottle:

Windproof Match:





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