Health Tip: Manuka Honey


Manuka honey, have you heard of it? I hadn't either, until I came across an article published at last December.

It's a quick read and here are some initial salient points:

  • • Manuka honey is premium for health & found only in Australia & New Zealand.
  • • Manuka honey resists superbugs.
  • • In a published study, the Manuka honey claims to have “killed almost every bacteria and pathogen it was tested on.”
  • • Compounds within the honey, such as methylglyoxal, appear to be key in its strength.
  • • Manuka honey is reportedly able to fight MRSA, MSSA, and other superbugs.

There's quite a bit more information and details that have already pushed me to look to purchase authentic Manuka honey online.

I bet it's $100 a bottle. We'll see.

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