PETS: Hot Dog! Keeping Fido Cool


Here in Texas, the sweltering heat takes its toll on all forms of life, both people and pets.

In fact, this last week, a good friend informed me of the passing of her son's beloved canine buddy. It was tragic.

When I spoke with her son, he was heartbroken. The most tragic detail of his dog's passing was the fact that he had underestimated the need to have taken the dog out of the heat, or of at least providing shade.

You see, his dog died from heat stroke.

Click on the image below to read several tips on keeping your dog cool in heat. I learned the difference between how snub-nosed, furry dogs handle the heat versus dogs with longer noses and short coats.

These tips will very well save a few lives when followed. Please be sure to share it with your loved ones who have dogs.

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