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DIY Beef-Up Your Bug-Out-Trailer


I like today’s DIY because it’s a simple improvement project that enhances your current flat trailer. By simply adding plywood walls to the trailer you accomplish three important points: You become more discreet about whatever you are hauling in the trailer; You protect that contents from the elements, and You can decide to further customize […]

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Welcome to The Berkey Guy’s Blog!


I’d like to extend a cordial welcome to you! We look forward to providing you with great information to help you on your way to achieving greater self-reliance and peace. Please subscribe to our RSS feed and you will automatically receive updates as we make content available here. By subscribing, you will also receive a […]

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Water Purification Systems


It seems natural disasters are commanding the headlines more and more these days, and one message comes through loud and clear: it is critical for your family’s safety and well being that you are prepared in the event of flood, fire, earthquake, or any of the other challenges Mother Nature likes to throw our way.  […]

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The Sport Berkey: Portable Water Purification System


The Sport Berkey water bottle is the ultimate in personal water purification systems. Unlike the other Berkey water purification systems which are gravity-fed, the Sport Berkey provides on-demand purification. In other words, as you suck water from the straw, or simply squeeze the sides of the bottle, water is forced through its miniature Black Berkey […]

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