Water Purification Systems


It seems natural disasters are commanding the headlines more and more these days, and one message comes through loud and clear: it is critical for your family’s safety and well being that you are prepared in the event of flood, fire, earthquake, or any of the other challenges Mother Nature likes to throw our way.  While the importance of clean water is generally understood, many people don’t realize how hard it can be to get access to potable water in the wake of a disaster.  Water purification systems such as those from Directive21 can provide a source of clean, safe drinking water, even when water pressure and electricity are not available.

To be effective in an emergency, a water purification system should be compact, rugged, and easy to use.  A system meant for emergency use should be scaled according to your needs – one that can provide enough drinking water for your entire family is important.  At, we have water purification systems with 2 and 4 elements.  A 2 element system can process over 4 gallons of water per hour, providing clean safe water for everyone in your household.


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