Insta-Fire Weatherproof Fire Starter: 4 Gallon

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• Create a Self-Standing Fire
• Lights Wet/Dry Wood
• Light Charcoal Briquettes
• Stock up on preps
• Provide Fire Anywhere

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Insta-Fire Weatherproof Fire Starter

Insta-Fire is a patented blend of volcanic rock, wood pellets, and paraffin wax. This patented formula is what makes Insta-Fire water resistant for use in even the most severe weather. Insta-Fire is designed to be used anytime and anywhere a fire is needed. It provides a safe, clean, and environmentally friendly fire-starting solution.


Q. Why do I need Insta-Fire?

A. If you ever light a fire, need a fire, cook with fire, then you need Insta-Fire. Insta-Fire was designed as an emergency fire starter. If you are back packing, hiking camping, fishing, hunting, survival, snowmobiling, snow shoeing, skiing, mountain climbing, four wheeling, anything to do with the outdoors, you will need Insta-fire, at least once in your journey.

Q. How much fire does Insta-Fire produce?

A. Insta-Fire produces a 12-16 inch high flame for 15-30 minutes depending on conditions and amount used.

Q. How fast does Insta-Fire light?

A. Light time of ½ to1 second, depending on the humidity and type of match or lighter used it can take up to 5 seconds. It will light similar to lighting an ordinary candle.

Q. Is Insta-Fire dangerous – Will it explode?

A. Insta-Fire is NOT a combustible therefore there is no explosion hazard, due to the wax substance it is recommended that Insta-fire be kept in a cool dry place or the wax will melt above 150 degrees.

Q. Does Insta-Fire work if it gets wet?

A. The wax substance used in the composition of Insta-Fire makes it water resistant, allowing it to perform when wet.

Q. Can I extinguish Insta-Fire and then re-use it?

A. Yes, you can smother the fire and then re-use Insta-Fire.

Q. Does Insta-Fire work in the wind or will it blow out?

A. You do have to shield Insta-fire from the wind when you first light it; however, Insta-Fire will burn in winds in upwards of 30 MPH once it is lit.

Q. Will Insta-Fire boil water?

A. Yes, Insta-Fire will boil 2 cups of water in 15 minutes or less. We recommend using a lid in order to achieve a faster boil.

Q. Is there an odor?

A. Yes, there is an odor. We use Pine, Aspen, and Fir wood pellets that produce a lovely pine scent. The wax substance also produces a slight odor, similar to a burning candle.

Q. Can I cook with Insta-Fire?

A. Yes, as with any fire you can cook with the flame. Just be sure to allow proper ventilation to flame.

Where Insta-fire can be used?
Camping, backpacking, boating, Dutch oven cooking, fishing, hiking, hunting, off roading, RV-ing, Scouting, skiing, snowmobiling, 72-hour kits, emergency, home storage, – Much, much more…Preparing for disasters

In a major disaster, you can expect to be without electricity or natural gas for 5 months or longer. Hurricane Katrina and many other disasters have proven that reliance on government assistance can be days, weeks, even months away! Fuel is often overlooked when preparing necessary items to make life easier when things go south. Fuel is a must to boil water, cook your food, heat your shelter & boost morale. Listed below are several fuel options:

Fuel Storage Guidelines
In an emergency you will most likely need to boil water, cook your food and heat your shelter. Proper ventilation is always necessary.

Several fuel alternatives:

One cup of Insta-Fire will boil 2 cups of water in 10 minutes. It will light 75 briquettes in 10 minutes. It will also provide enough fuel to cook even the toughest of meals. It can also be used as a stand-alone fire with 2 cups burning for approximately 45 minutes with occasional stirring. It is available in a variety of storage containers including 1 gallon bucket, 5 gallon bucket and 55 gallon drums. Long term storage is estimated at 30 years.

Raw, dry wood is a very good source of fuel especially when used in conjunction with Insta-Fire. Wood often becomes wet and unusable in a disaster. In rural areas wood may be readily available at a relatively low cost. Local permits may be necessary. In urban areas wood may not be as readily available and storage areas are limited. Be cautious when burning “used” wood that has a finish on it i.e. furniture & flooring, as it may contain deadly toxins.

Available in several sizes ranging from 1 pound to very large containers and is a good source for both heat and cooking. However, most containers have a “use by date” and therefore are not recommended for long term storage. An additional propane heater or stove is required. Storage restrictions generally apply due to its explosive nature. Check with your local fire department for storage restrictions in your area.

Kerosene/Heating oil
As with propane, a variety of storage tanks are used. Kerosene and Heating oil are good sources of heat for heating your shelter but generally not used for cooking. Also, as with other fuels i.e. propane and gasoline, storage restrictions may apply. Check with your local fire department for storage restrictions in your area.

Coal can be good source of heat and can be stored for a long period of time if kept dry. Generally messy to store, must be kept dry, proper ventilation is a must and can be hard to light unless used with Insta-Fire. Charcoal briquettes are a good source of fuel to cook but because it omits carbon monoxide it must be used outdoors.

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  1. R.C.

    This is a fantastic investment. I purchased mine a few years ago, and use it while camping during wet conditions (which is ironically every time I camp), and it is my insurance when I need a fire to dry off, cook, stay warm.

    I have used 1/2 cup worth as the foundation to my fire. Giving me flame for about 10 minutes I know that whatever I put on top of it, will light, and grow.

    When you divide them into 1/2 cup sacks of firestarter, it is very easy to augment with your other fire starting methods.

    I still have fire steel, matches, lint, wood chips, etc, but I do not worry any longer about getting a fire going with this stuff.

    • David

      Thanks for the comment, R.C.


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